Soroku Toyoshima (b 1940) – Neo-Dadaist sculptor, metal abstract Sculpture on ucite base;


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Signed and dated in script: “S. Toyoshima 1968”

Ex: Albert Hadley, Interior Designer, Albert Hadley Inc.

Height with base: 100.5 cm

Notes:- Neo-Dadaism Group of Japanese artists who showed at the Yomiuri Independent exhibitions of the late 1950s and developed ‘anti-art’ activities modelled on those of the DADA movement. There were frequent dissolutions and reformings, but the group that formed in March 1960 included Masunobu Yoshimura (b 1932), Genpei Akasegawa (b 1937), Shusaku Arakawa, Sho Kazakura, Ushio Shinohara (b 1933) and Soroku Toyoshima (and later Shintaro Tanaka (b 1940) and Shin Kinoshita); with the exception of Tetsumi Kudo and Tomio Miki, who associated with the group but never joined, it seemed then to comprise all the major ‘anti-art’ artists in Japan.

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