A Rare Victorian Porcelain inset, Greco Romain Painted Side Table


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A Rare Victorian Porcelain inset, Greco Romain Painted Side Table

The Porcelain plaque manufactured by Copeland & Garrett

The rectangular top inset with a porcelain plaque decorated with a scene in the manner of an ancient Greek red figure painting in iron red, highlighted in black, depicting a young man holding a spear, his female companion holding a thyrsus and a branch of laurel, within foliate and Greek key borders, the body of conforming decoration with an ogee moulded frieze and tapering facetted supports united by a stretcher, bun feet with recessed castors, the plaque with a puce factory stamp Said to have been de-accessioned from the Victoria & Albert Museum, London.

Made by Copeland and Garrett, the wonderful printed backstamp, which is approximately 65mm wide, is found on rectangular slabs usually printed in brown. c.1833 - 1847.

the inscription to the verso may have been added later.

“The painting which ornaments the front, was probably taken from a larger compsition representing some scene of the Dionysian festivals. A young man holding a spear is reposing on his chalmys which is folded under him; his helmet is thrown on the back of his head. It is not unusual to see warriors on such occasions, as the pyrrlic and other armed dances were performed during the festicals of Bacchus The other figure is that of a young woman with a thyrus and branch of laurel.” This colour pallet was extremely popular at this period and Copeland and Garrett produced numerous patterns featuring 'Greek' subjects in this style from table wares to large decorative vases on pedestals. The figures and subjects influenced by The Complete Collection of Antiquities from the Cabinet of Sir William Hamilton.

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