A large Vizagapatam stag horn Casket *SOLD*

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The interior of this Vizagapatam casket is constructed of sandal wood and veneered with stag horn, the interior with 2 removable compartments with stag horn veneered lids and ivory engraved & Lac filled floral borders to the top and bottom and central compartment veneered with stag horn. With original key.

Indian, circa 1790

Height: 26 cm  Width: 36 cm  Depth: 20 cm

The fashion for ivory veneering began in Vizagapatam in the middle of the eighteenth century superseding inlay work as the predominant vogue. Tastes developed and the cabinet-making industry met a demand for decorative items in the neoclassical vogue with the stark contrast of black and white, as seen here. This fashion also influenced the style of engraving that decorated these pieces, which became increasingly restrained, "shedding ... exotic decorative elements in ... favour of motifs that were in fashion in Europe.

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