Louis XV Mantel Clock by Etienne Lenoir


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Etienne II Lenoir (1699-1778)

Inlaid with brass and Veneered in Tortiseshell, the case and movement in original condition. The mounts in original mercury gilding.

France, circa 1743

Similar to a clock illustrated in the PENDULE FRANCAISE Page 131.Fig.2

Having become master clockmakers in 1717 and 1743 respectively, the two men worked together for nearly two decades, making clocks and watches for the most influential French collectors, as well as for many of Europe’s most important courts, including those of Spain, Sweden, Naples and Saxony. Like most of the finest Parisian clockmakers of the time, the Lenoir maintained a close business relationship with the great marchands-merciers such as Julliot, Duvaux and Darnault. For their clock cases they called upon the period’s best artisans: the cabinetmakers Charles Cressent, Jacques Dubois and Jean-Pierre Latz, the enameller Martinière, and the bronziers Jean-Baptiste and Robert Osmond, the Caffieri and Jean-Joseph de Saint-Germain. Many of their pieces are today in important private collections and institutions, such as the former Rothschild collection in Waddesdon Manor, the Cleveland Museum of Art, the Getty Museum in Malibu, the Louvre Museum in Paris, and the Musée national du château in Versailles. 

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