Six panel Chinese hardstone mounted timber Screen


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Six panel Chinese hardstone mounted timber screen inlaid with stones: soap stones of various colours; marble red and white; Jasper red and green; some flowers of cut glass; goldstone; rock crystals; chicken bloodstone; tiger eye; pink quartz, agate and jade.

China, circa 1900

Height: 162 cm Each Panel Width: 38 cm Combined Width: 228 cm

For a discussion of the Qing revival of "A Hundred Antiquities" as a motif, see the article by C. Evarts on pp. 11-15 of this catalogue. The 'One Hundred Precious Objects' inlay technique or baibaoqian derives its name from the assorted material used in creating the pattern, such as burl wood and jade. For a discussion of this technique, see Wang Shixiang, Connoisseurship of Chinese Furniture: Ming and Early Qing Dynasties, vol. I, Hong Kong, 1990, p. 145. For an example with similar decoration, see the set of three sandalwood screens in Zhang Qin, The Art of Ch'ing Dynasty Furniture, National Museum of History, Taipei, 1985, pp. 102-3.

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